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What Is Chris Like Outside Of Work?

I Am A Family Man

Married for over 25 years, my wife and I met when I hired her for a job at the MARC Center (place in Mesa, AZ  Married a year after our first date, we've been together ever since.

I Have 2 Kids


Sky gave me my grandson


Stationed overseas with the United States Marines

My First Grandson

Anthony (Little Man)

Sky gave birth to "LIttle Man" in December 2019. They currently live with us as we build a 2 bed 1 bath addition to our current home for them to reside in.

I Love Meeting Celebrities & People Of Influence

Andrew Bynarski

Movie Star

Scott Schwartz

A Christmas Story

Butch Patrick

Eddie Munster

Greg Valentine

The Hammer WWF

Kid N Play


Coach Herm Edwards

NY Jets / ASU Sun Devils

I Really Enjoy Being A Part Of Radio And TV Shows

Check Them Out Below

Real Talk With Chris Dunham

Was afforded the opportunity years ago to host a weekly 60 minute talk show on iHeart, called "Real Take USA with The Real Estate Guy".  We ran for exactly a year, once a week on KFYI and KFYI2. Still have solid relationships with those behind the show that helped the show be successful.

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American Dream TV

Another wonderful opportunity that landed in my lap. The gentleman behind this is Craig Sewing, whom I met during my Radio Show Days (as the company behind that show was Real Estate Radio Network). Craig was holding a weekly show in San Diego and that bled into a nationwide opportunity for him to create and host "The American Dream". I ran with the show for a few months, took most of the opportunity but at the end of the day, the ROI wasn't matching the investment, so I parted ways but was happy to have it included in my resume. 

Good News Arizona

The beginning of COVID brought about this idea. I was tired of all the negative news out there, so I called my buddy Dean and said I had an idea for a weekly show (Visual podcast if you will). That would focus on nothing but GOOD NEWS. thus the name, Good News AZ.  We began as a 4-5 minute show and due to growing audience and requests for more, we ended up being 15-20 minutes, with 5 "segments" which included the "good news" the "rapid fire news" the "top ten"  and more. The show may have ended, but it lives on at